Advantages of self service kiosks at airports

Self service kiosks are becoming more important to airports and are disrupting their standard processes. We are bringing you some of the advantages self order kiosks offer to airports and their customers.


More automated check-in

Old ways of doing airport service are inefficent because check-in, luggage drops and security checks are all concentrated very near each other. All of this creates common bottlenecks and lowers the quality of customer experience. All of this inefficiency also has high cost to airlines which has been estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

More automated check-ins also means lower workload for the airport staff as well as less mistakes in the check-in process because kiosks don’t lose concentration after large number of check-ins and always work at same speed.


Take over part of airport security work

Currently airport processes involve lots of time spent by airport security checking IDs and boarding passes, reminding people what to remove from their luggage, patting people down and randomly searching luggage as well as using X-ray displays. Tasks such as ID authentications can be taken over by kiosks. Kiosks can also better inform customers on what type of items they can’t carry. All of this would reduce waiting lines and improve the security process.

One more improvement can be achieved with using temperature self-check kiosks to protect health and safety of airport customers.


More informed customers

Currently customers at airports prefer to stay near their gate in order not to miss their flight and this is result of lack of information. That can be corrected by providing customers more information through kiosks informing them on delays and boarding times. One more advantage of kiosks is multilanguage functionality as well as ability to send emails to customers regarding relevant information.

As a natural result, more informed and less anxious customers will roam more around the airport and spend more money at local stores.


Marketing and promotion

Airports have large number of people visiting them and going through the standard process. This and the fact that people who travel belong to different social groups means that marketers can promote large variety of products. This can be a great way to cover some of the kiosk costs. One more advantage is the option to promote local businesses and give them policy reminders of local airport. Customers will be better informed on offers they might like and airport will earn more per customer.


Increase customer satisfaction

Combining all of the before mentioned kiosk advantages will result in greatly increased customer satisfaction. Customer that experiences less time waiting in lines and less interaction with security staff while being better informed about his flight details and local offers will be more likely to return to the same airport during his future travels.