modular kiosk

Benefits of modular kiosks

When choosing kiosk to buy you are confronted with a choice whether to invest in custom unit that has unique design or to go with a modular kiosk that can be found in the manufacturer’s catalog. In this article we will present benefits of modular kiosks and show that they can be just as good choice as custom made kiosks.


Speed gains

Custom projects will obviously take more time because it can take up to 3 months to develop drawings and build a prototype. After that it is necessary to test the prototype and do further modifications if necessary for the product to be ready for mass production.

If the manufacturer has out-of-stock components it will order them before it can begin building kiosks. All of this means that original time of 3 months can be slashed down to just a few weeks.


Lower price

With modular kiosks economies of scale kick in meaning that components will be cheaper both for the manufacturer and buyer. Besides that, it is possible to accurately predict how many of certain modules are necessary which also means that modules will be available for assembly right away in large majority of cases. This leaves more money left to spend on items such as software.


Higher quality

When you are buying modular kiosk it means that its components have been made many times and so intricacies of components are well known resulting in higher quality components. If you buy custom kiosk with custom components there is chance that there will be some small issues because the parts are newly designed and are not part of a mature process.



If down the line you decide to order a kiosk that you had years ago (provided it was a modular kiosk) it is possible that the manufacturer will be able to comply with your order because they made many of such kiosks even if they are not their most current model.


Lower maintenance costs

If kiosk is designed with modularity in mind it is possible to avoid some nasty surprises down the line. For example, if a screen on an older monitor breaks down it might not be possible to buy exact screen, but if kiosk was designed with modularity in mind you could plug in current module and solve the problem. This is especially useful in hospitality industry where things are handled more roughly and will need replacing. Also, sometimes it is good to suggest to a client that his plans for custom kiosk are not realistic and that perhaps he should look into a modular solution.