Improving customer experience

Improving customer experience through self-order kiosks

Even if you have very friendly and helpful staff self-order kiosks can still help in improving customer experience of your establishment to a new level. Find out how in this article.


Less queues

In restaurant and hospitality industry in general it is common for large crowds to become common at certain times of year. Even in less busy periods less queues is always welcome. To solve this problem queue management is needed.

One option is to use tickets that are generated by a mobile app to optimize the queue. Kiosks are useful for both single queue and multi-queue situations.

When customers are using kiosks for their orders it automatically frees up existing staff and enables it to work on improving customer experience through other means than by receiving orders. For example, they could focus on customers who are having problems with placing their orders.


Improved menus

Menus are very important part of the puzzle for successful hospitality business and if they are managed well it will show in increased profits. Kiosk screen can display modern and attractive menus which will impress customers and make them want to order more items. One more big advantage compared to non-digital menus is ability for menus to be dynamic. Last but not least is the ability to update the menus with few clicks instead of needing to print new menus when the establishment menu changes.


Improved ordering process

It might sound counterintuitive, but even though ordering on kiosks removes human interaction up to a point it has its genuine advantages.  For example, customers have more time to scroll through the products without the pressure of quickly choosing their order. Also, they can find much more information about the products without asking anyone a single question. Upsell information is also displayed much more clearly. Finally, software will never make mistakes with your order or forget part of your order which happens relatively often with normal staff.


Personalization and staying in touch with customer

This type of ordering offers all kinds of ways to introduce personalization as a way to improve customer experience. Kiosks can display personalized offers based on individual client preferences driving more sales and increasing probability of same customer choosing you instead the competition. Recommendations of a product are similar if somewhat less targeted options to display to the customer.

After the customer leaves your establishment you can still stay in touch with him reminding him of returning to you. It is important not to be too aggressive with staying in touch with customer and not to spam him with email messages. For example, you could reach out after larger purchases offering future discounts. Important dates for the customers can also be tracked, such as his birthday and rewarded.