What are the benefits of self-service kiosks for your business?

As a business owner you are always finding ways to improve your business and optimize its operations. For owners of restaurants, hotels and retail stores self-service kiosk might be the perfect solution. Entire hospitality industry is placed well to benefit from self-service kiosks. There are many benefits of making kiosks a part of your business and below we will present the most enticing ones.


Reduced need for staff

Because customers can place orders on their own or with very little help there is reduced need for staff to produce orders. This frees up staff to take up other roles and reduces the number of necessary staff which is very valuable since many establishments are experiencing labor shortage. Being freed from managing orders your staff will be able to focus more on your customer satisfaction which will make them more likely to return again.


Increased profit

Self-service kiosks are proven to increase orders and it is because of several reasons. Customers can sometimes be wary of making an unusual or large order which is not the case when they are interacting with a kiosk. Also, through kiosk you can implement various upsell strategies to make customers spend more at your establishment. Furthermore customers will feel less pressure with ordering because have more time to think about their order due to reduced lines kiosk provides.


Reduced lines and order times

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you are in a hurry and want to grab something to eat but there is a long line inside a place you visited? Self-service kiosks make that a thing of the past because they result in much lower lines and order times.


Improved customer experience

You don’t want your customers having negative experience in your establishment and then never returning again. Regular customers are very profitable and self-service kiosks will improve the chances of having more such customers. Staff can make mistakes during orders or work slower at certain times which is not the case with self-service kiosks.


Improved order accuracy

Self-service kiosks reduce number of errors during ordering because they can browse through the list of products with high quality pictures at their own convenience and don’t have to remember what they have to order and then tell it to the staff member. Kiosk software is capable of displaying detailed information such as number of calories, vegetarian and vegan options as well as dishes containing allergens.


Better understanding of your customers

Self-service kiosks can give you deep insights into desires and behavior of your customers. Kiosks are capable of tracking, analyzing and reporting customer behavior which can then be used to further optimize how you present your products to customers in order to get larger orders which will make both you and your customer satisfied.